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School formals are one of the biggest highlights of your children’s youth.  Most of the time, it is a celebration of your child’s maturity as they celebrate their graduation and move onto higher schooling or proceed into the workforce.  It is a time where appearances are crucial, as they try to wow their friends and cohort and leave a stunning final impression.  Both boys and girls will be running amok trying to make sure that they look as stylish as possible.

As such, why not complete the package and arrive in style as well?  While it may be sad to see your child off for such a momentous occasion such as their school formals, travelling in a limousine will often make your child’s formal experience much more magical.  Doing so is a mark of their independence and is often enough to set their hearts aflutter.  Travelling in a limo also lets them spend the ride to the venue with their friends, complete with surround sound and more fun things to do inside the limo.  Our chauffeurs will make sure that they feel like the prince and princesses they are for this occasion and make sure that to handle anything they require.

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Upon exiting the car, our chauffeurs will elegantly lead them out of the limo while they reveal their stunning new looks to the rest of their cohort.  And coming from experience, this is often met with “oohs” and “ahhs” and a whole lot of high-pitched squeals from the girls as they rush to each other’s side.  Once the event is over, our chauffeurs will return to pick up the children and return them home for a well-earned rest.

To employ our school formals services, or acquire a free quote call us on 0413 168 676 or book online using our convenient online form.  We are ready and waiting to serve.

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