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Funerals are a time of mourning, a time of remembrance.  They are a time of paying respects and remembering the memory of the person that once was.  Most people will lose a loved one at least once in their lives, and for everyone, it’s equally as tragic.  Despite the difficulty of the situation, funeral ceremonies should still be planned for all those who wish to pay their respects and finally lay the deceased in peace.

An essential part when organizing is the funeral transfer services used for the ceremony.  Foremost, a hearse or funeral coach is needed for moving the coffin from the church to the cemetary.  The funeral hearse can come in a number of options, namely, the classic, the horse drawn, or the motorcycle sidecar-style hearse. We offer the more functional classic hearses, limousine-like vehicles that are luxurious enough for any coffin.

Furthermore, oftentimes the grieving family are often too preoccupied for transporting themselves to and from the funeral.  Hence, funeral planners should account for another vehicle, often a limousine that can take the family in bereavement to and from their residence without disturbing them in this sorrowful time.

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If more of the cortege will require our services, then our fleet of vehicles will be obliged to accommodate them.  Our astute chauffeurs will understand that this is a sensitive time and will make their rounds quietly as to not disturb those still in bereavement.  We will do our utmost to ensure that attendants of the funeral are as comfortable as possible.  Some optional features of our funeral transfer service includes tinted windows, if either the widowed family or other members of the cortege require the privacy when entering and exiting the premises. We are also aware of other Funeral Services which provide by other Funeral Directors, such as Funeral Order of Services, Funeral Flowers, Cars, Funeral Stationary, etc.

To employ our funeral transfer services, or acquire a free quote call us on 0413 168 676 or book online using our convenient online form.  We are ready and waiting to serve.

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